By Rich Perkin & Jo Cattell

September 2 - 10, 2008

Location: Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center, Las Vegas, NV 89134

Based on the traditional tale, this version takes the form of a traditional British Panto that has been adapted for a Las Vegas family audience. In BNTA's version, the heroine meets her Prince on the golf course and drives to the Palace Casino Ball in a Lamborghini.

"Las Vegas: The future Home of British Theatre?" 

"The British are already here!"
Las Vegas Sun


Cinderella: Ashley Sutherland
Buttons: Joel Howard
Baron: Rich Perkin
Fairy Godmother: Clare Holmes
Lady Floptrott: Lincoln Hudson
Selfisha Floptrott: Kahlid Freeman
Thickesha Floptrott: Jason Nious
Prince: Charlotte Odowd
The King: Miles Coleman
Queen: Alexandra Zevalking
Dandini: Rob Winch
Missy Rochelliot: Rochelle Paterson
Mr Mouse: Marin Britton
Mrs Mouse: Stephanie Marshall
Pumpkin: Vanessa Coleman
Russian Dobbin: Ekenah Claudin
Skater Boy: Rafael Lima
English Dobbin: Louisa Lawson
Catherine: Candace Du Plessis
Page Boy: Drusilla Nelson
Servant: Rain Nelson
Royal Guard: Rochelle Entermille

Artistic Team:

Director: Jo Cattell

Lighting Design: Steven Mack

Sound Design: John Kessler
Set Design: Rich Perkin


Production Stage Manager: Anna Ashley
Assistant Stage Manager: Rochelle Entermille
Costume Supervisor: Jonelle Hudson
Lighting Technicians: Jimmy Barnett, Katie Barry, Brian Wise
Sound Technician: Matt Obernesser
Make Up: Jolana Adamson
Backstage Crew: Werner Du Plessis, Kimberly Hill
Front of House: Mary Barnett

BNTA Staff:

Executive Producers: Rich Perkin, Jo Cattell
Associate Producers: Lincoln Hudson, Rob Winch

Special thanks to: Strutt Hurley, Robert Osorio, Amy Reams, Mike Martin, Mark Jenkins, Anna Younghams, Albertsons, Kendrick Harmon, Cammie Griffin, Dan Decker, McMullands, Cara Lutrell, Levi Fackrell, Will Adamson, Marsha Ballard, Kenton Aemerson, Joel Baker, Mike Norris, Kevin Taylor, Paul Reams, Ernie Curcio, Barb Rollins, Christie Wilson, Reed Evans, Ryan Dawes, John Strong.

Supported by: National Endowment for the Arts, Nevada Arts Council, Cockroach Theatre, Stage Technologies, Cirque du Soleil.